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500 Rebels to Homs

September 29, 2013

HOMS-WARD BOUND – The Al-Fatihin Battalion, which is loosely associated with the Free Syrian Army, posted a video Saturday showing what it claimed to be a reinforcement of 500 fighters on their way to break the government’s blockade of Homs.

On Sunday, the pro-regime newspaper Al-Watan reported ongoing operations by regime forces against old Homs as well as its outer suburbs.

“Military forces are targeting terrorist groups and their nests in several skirmishes in Old Homs, with many terrorists killed or injured,” al-Watan claimed.

The Al-Fatihin video features a battalion leader declaring, “We come to help liberate Homs.”

Central Homs has been under siege for nearly seventeen months without any assistance from aid organizations to address the crucial situation of the people.

Khaled bin al Waleed mosque Homs Sept 24

The damaged Khaled bin Al Waleed Mosque in Homs on Sept. 24.  Courtesy of Homsy Camera.

“They have to liberate Outer Hamah and Outer Homs to reach us,” said a media activist from inside blockaded Homs, Bebers al-Talawi.

 “By the time that happens we will be dead from hunger or by continuous shelling,” said al-Talawi via Skype.

Video courtesy of al-Ghad TV.

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