8th century wall damaged in A-Raqqa airstrikes

May 2, 2013

DAMAGED HERITAGE: The remains of the Wall of a-Raqqa, built in the Baghdadi style in 772 by Abbasid Caliph Abu Jafaar al-Mansur. The citizen journalist from the A-Raqqa Media Center points the camera to two sites where he says airstrikes sent two missiles.

The FSA has recently advanced in the province, surrounding Division 17 – the regime’s last bastion in the northeast, according to activists. The Syrian army is using the air force to fight the rebels and to resupply soldiers under siege via parachutes. On April 26, Hussam, an activist at a-Raqqa Media Center, told SAS News “the air force is focusing raids on civilian neighborhoods to distract the FSA from taking over Division 17.” The a-Raqqa rebels previously shot down a MiG23 fighter on April 16. Video courtesy of a-Raqqa Media Center.

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