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A conversation with a regime supporter

September 19, 2013 Ali, 29, is a Jordanian travel agent […]

19 September 2013

September 19, 2013

Ali, 29, is a Jordanian travel agent married to an Alawite Syrian from Latakia. He and his wife are regime supporters who travel frequently between Syria and Jordan, where they are based. Ali explains to Nuha Shabaan why he believes the rebels want to turn Syria into the next Iraq.

Q: What do you think about delaying the military strike after the Russian initiative?

A: I think the initiative is the best solution for everybody, especially the opposition which has destroyed the country. Bashar al-Assad is a good leader I like him. You were not hungry and your education was free. I feel sad for Syrian people being refugees after they were doing well in their country. This is my personal opinion.

Q: Do you still love him after all the blood and massacres?

A: I like him and I like his personality, he is well-mannered and wise. He was put through this and he has nothing to do with it. Did you see Bashar personally ordering his forces to destroy and kill? All these massacres are made by armed groups, Chechens and Saudis. Not to forget the wicked people that sold their country for money, they want Syria to be another Iraq and to come with Americans on tanks. All of these people must be slaughtered.

Q: What about the Ghouta massacre and the chemical weapons?

A: This all made by the gangs that pretend to be the opposition. I really want your opinion; do you think these people are the opposition? They don’t know what they want. It is true that I am Jordanian but I am married to a Syrian woman from Latakia. I used to go a lot to Syria and I love it so much.

Q: Who is responsible in your opinion, about killing children and women in Ghouta? Up to 200,000 Syrians until now?

A: Of course the answer is known, it armed militias which fill Syria and each country in the world has intelligence offices in Syria. They want to destroy this major symbol because he is the only one who stood against the US and Israel and has told them no, while the rest of the traitor leaders are all followers of the US and Israel.

Q: You are talking about the Chechens, Saudis and Jordanians who are all fighting the regime? And what about Hezbollah, Iran and Russia – didn’t they kill Syrians?

A: Hezbollah didn’t join in the beginning and stayed calm despite what was said about it and curses against it, after that it needed to intervene because armed militias tried to kill Lebanese civilians in their safe villages. After that it intervened, we Arabs people don’t like to have a good leader because all Arabs are traitors, they wanted to fight Bashar and Hassan Nasrallah because they are the only ones who stood against the world and challenged it.

Can you tell me how 300 children were killed in Ghouta, where are their mothers and families, how were children killed by themselves? I wish they came up with a believable story and not fiction.

I also agree with you that security and officers killed some people but you can count those on your hand if you compare them to these criminals.

Q: Thank you, and can you say hi to your wife?

A: are you telling me this from your heart?

Q: Yes, I say it from my heart.

A: You aren’t racist?

Q: No I’m not, and we Syrians will never be racists but don’t killers need to be punished and pay for his crimes, whoever he is?

A: I agree, but I am sure they are all armed militias; they must be exterminated not just with chemicals but with nuclear weapons too so that you will get rid of them and go back to your country. Me as a Jordanian I wish Syrians and Bashar long health and survival.

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