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Adra Attack Aftermath

ADRA ATTACK: “The regime is fighting us by not allowing […]

29 May 2013

ADRA ATTACK: “The regime is fighting us by not allowing us oxygen and medical supplies,” physician Muhammad Saed of the Adra field hospital told Syria Direct’s Ahmed Kwider Wednesday as survivors of last Thursday’s gas attack on the town north of Damascus continue to fight for their lives.

“The government is testing the Western countries every day by using chemicals on different levels. If international investigators enter the country, they will need to examine the soil and the bodies, but sarin gas spreads and vanishes quickly,” Saed added.

In this video shot Friday, Saed and his colleagues at the Adra medical facility report 50 injured and five fatalities from the gas attack which caused convulsions, dyspnea, excretions, sweating and narrowed pupils in the victims.

A medic lying on a stretcher says, “We heard the sound of a rocket. The first patient they brought us wasn’t able to breathe. We hooked him up to respiratory equipment, and went to treat more people. Around 30 civilians were on the groun. On our way back I smelled gases, and then I wasn’t able to see clearly or hear well.”  Video Courtesy of Fadi Abdullah

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