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Ahrar a-Sham al-Islamiya to give up weapons, HQs in East Ghouta

April 20, 2015

PARTING WORDS: Ahrar a-Sham al-Islamiya announced Sunday that they would hand over their weapons and headquarters to rebel group Feilaq a-Rahman in accordance with a decision issued by the United Judiciary Council in East Ghouta, in a video released Sunday.

A spokesman for the Ahrar a-Sham al-Islamiya branch in East Ghouta stressed that the group aimed to “put the public interest first and avoid fitna” by abiding by the court’s ruling, while maintaining “our legitimate demand to appeal the decision.”

Feilaq a-Rahman attacked Ahrar a-Sham al-Islamiya’s bases in Arbin in early April, following a failed merger attempt between the two groups.

The United Judiciary Council issued a decision last week requiring Ahrar a-Sham al-Islamiya to merge with Feilaq a-Rahman, reported pro-opposition El-Dorar. Any fighters who did not wish to merge were to give up their weapons.

The Judiciary Council is ostensibly independent and responsible for issuing summonses, trying criminals and combating corruption, as well as maintaining prisons and carrying out sentences in the rebel-controlled region.

“We agreed, with our brothers in Feilaq a-Rahman, to split up, with all cordiality and love,” Ahrar a-Sham al-Islamiya said in their announcement.

-Photo courtesy of Islamic Front

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