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al-Qusayr newest cemetery- a former schoolyard 6-3-2013

“Now that we have a martyr from our family, and […]

3 June 2013

“Now that we have a martyr from our family, and we will get justice,” vows the kinsman of Marwan Raad, a FSA fighter killed in the ongoing clashes around al-Qusayr as graves are prepared in a former schoolyard in the south west of the city.

Moments later a missile falls a few meters away from the makeshift cemetery, and a cloud of smoke rises. Activists say it’s a surface-to-surface missile, randomly launched during the clashes in the area

The Al-Qusayr Local Coordination Council reported Monday that airstrikes have been launched against the town since the early morning. “Warplanes hover over the city, and the bombardment and the clashes continue in Eastern al-Bowayda area and the rural outskirts of Qusayr, ”claimed the pro-rebel group.

Government news agency, SANA, quoted a military source as saying, “terrorists have been killed in the village of Eastern al-Bowayda in al-Qusayr rural. Their weapons and ammunition have been destroyed.” The source added “a unit of our brave army destroyed 3 trucks carrying terrorists, weapons and ammunition in the west of Dhayrej.  Reports of scores of rebel and civilian casualties over the weekend are confirmed by the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights with 36 opposition fighters and 9 civilians documented dead from Saturday’s fighting alone. Video courtesy of al-Qusayr Media center

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