Alms and Ammunition for al-Qusayr

May 23, 2013

COLLECTING FOR QUSAYR: An imam collects donations in the village Kafar Aweed in Idlib province “for the people of al-Qusayr.” He accepts ammunition as well as funds. Meanwhile the Syrian Observatory for Human reported Thursday that 46 Hezbollah fighters were killed in Al-Qusayr over the past days. The LCC in Outer Qusayr claims rebels “took control” of the border town of Josieh, causing losses for the government and its Hezbollah allies.

The Imam announces that he’s collected 3000 USD for Qusayr.

In the other corner of the mosque, a FSA leader identified as “Sheikh Ahmad” advises the villagers on how to stay safe in the combat zone advising them to move in groups.

State news agency SANA reports that the army “foiled a terrorists infiltration attempt from Lebanon across al-Braij Mountain near al-Qsayr city, killing a number of them.” Video courtesy of Idlib News.

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