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Amidst scarcity in East Ghouta, a rocket hull takes on new life

Scarcities of daily essentials such as bread and gas in […]

30 April 2015

Scarcities of daily essentials such as bread and gas in regime-blockaded neighborhoods outside Damascus have forced families to improvise, as demonstrated by a picture of a do-it-yourself oven made from the hull of a rocket in East Ghouta published by the Syrian Media Organization on Wednesday.

“Large families in Douma are producing bread in their homes every day due to the rising prices of bread,” Mohammed Abu Yasir, a resident of East Ghouta, told Syria Direct on Thursday.

“Smaller families buy a 1.5 kg bag of subsidized bread for SP350 ($1.80 ) and can only afford to buy two bags a week,” Abu Yasir said.

“The average income in the area is $70 a month, and if someone is in charge of a family, even if they spend very carefully, because this $70 will only last for 10 days” said Ahmed Taqi al-Din, a local opposition activist.

Although prices are three to four times lower in regime-controlled neighborhoods in and around Damascus, the situation there is difficult as well.

“Basic necessities are available, but after the rise of the dollar and its instability, the price of foodstuffs and vegetables has become expensive,” Anas al-Shami, a Ghouta-based activist told Syria Direct about regime neighborhoods.

“Fruit has become a dream for all Syrian citizens.” 

-Photo courtesy of Syrian Media Organization

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