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Another car bomb in Homs Alawite district

DOUBLE DOWN: A car bomb detonated in the pro-regime Alawite […]

21 January 2015


DOUBLE DOWN: A car bomb detonated in the pro-regime Alawite neighborhood of Akrama in Homs city on Wednesday, killing at least seven and injuring dozens of others, reported the monitoring group Syrian Observatory for Human Rights.

“A terrorist car bomb on Hadara Street in the Akrama neighborhood,” said official state news SANA immediately after the bombing. 

“Initial reports indicate that there are a number of martyrs and injured amongst the civilians.”

No one has yet claimed responsibility for the attack in the heavily protected regime-controlled neighborhood.

The explosion marks the second major car bomb attack in the Akrama neighborhood in the past four months. The first took place last October 1 in front of an elementary school, killing more than 40 children and drawing the fury of local residents.  

The regime fired the city’s security chief in response to popular protests and sit-ins that demanded the resignation of the Homs governor in the first bombing’s aftermath.

The attack also scuttled peace negotiations between the regime and Al-Waer, the last opposition controlled area of the city.

No one claimed responsibility for that attack either.

Akrama is known as one of most well-fortified neighborhoods in Homs, with a maze of security checkpoints blocking access into the area.

Homs city has been almost entirely under regime control since mid-2014 when rebels occupying the old city were escorted out as part of a UN-facilitated truce.

-January 21, 2015

-Photo courtesy of @Salem_Zahran

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