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Another moderate activist targeted

KILLING FIELD: Raed al-Fares, the founder of the well-known Kafr […]

29 January 2014

KILLING FIELD: Raed al-Fares, the founder of the well-known Kafr Nabl Media Center in Idlib province, survived an assassination attempt while driving home from work on Tuesday, sustaining a bullet to the chest from a masked gunman.

Al-Fares was rushed to the hospital and is now out of surgery, the pro-opposition Fresh Radio, which shares office space with the Kafr Nabl Media Center, announced Wednesday. “The bleeding has stopped and his condition is stable.”

A photograph of al-Fares’s car indicates several bullet holes, but the windshield remains whole, suggesting the activist attempted to flee the scene.

The Kafr Nabl Media Center is known by pro-opposition Syrians as the “conscience of the revolution,” as its English and Arabic-language commentaries on the Syrian conflict seeking international aid and support to protect civilians have garnered media attention around the world.

In mid-December, as northern Syria descended into a chaos of infighting between the Free Syrian Army, the Islamic Front, Jabhat a-Nusra and others combatting the Islamic State in Iraq and a-Sham (ISIS), a group of ISIS combatants arrested and detained a number of media activists from Kafr Nabl.

(Read a full interview with one of the Kafr Nabl detainees here.)

Video courtesy of Tel Hak TV.

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