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Army destroys homes throughout capital, breadlines lengthen

March 4, 2013 by Muhammad al-Safadi Government forces reinforced positions […]

4 March 2013

March 4, 2013

by Muhammad al-Safadi

Government forces reinforced positions throughout the capital Monday destroying residential structures near strategic locations as civilians faced increasing difficulties getting to work and feeding their families. 

Demolition of homes around al-Mazzeh airbase continued with similar operations by government  forces underway to evacuate and destroy apartment buildings nearby army positions throughout the city. 

Heavy rocket and mortar bombardment was reported on Qabon on the east side of the city.

Despite government resolve, the FSA has reached the 8 March Establishment in the city’s east side and has deployed along the ancient wall close to Bab Toma and Bab Sharqi. 

Army tanks based at the Abbasid coach station randomly targeted homes near the area which is the main land transport link between the capital and provincial areas.

A large number of security checkpoints have been deployed in the capital conducting intrusive inspection and causing severe traffic congestion in al-Baramkeh, al-Fahhameh and at al-Assad Bridge. 

Al-Yarmouk camp residents encountered increased checkpoints set up between their neighborhood  and the al-Zahera Market. Both army and shabiha stepped up intrusive searches of civilians adding a female security detail to search the bags and bodies of women shoppers. 

Citizens in all areas suffer the lack of bread and basic living supplies. Long lines are seen in front of bakeries and men are putting their wives and children in the queues because each individual is entitled to only one packet of bread. 

Clashes between the FSA and the Syrian army were renewed at al-Yarmouk Road and Road 30 with the FSA exchanging fire with government forces attempting to enter the camp. FSA is using light and medium range machine guns as well as home made mortar shells and a number of anti-aircraft weapons.

As  heavy bombardment on the camp continued  for the sixtieth day, a young girl suffered head injuries from a shell splinter. The medical staff in Al-Yarmouk was unable to treat the child due to  lack of medicines at the local clinic.

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