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Army of Islam: We will fight ISIS if ‘chaos’ continues

TOTALLY TAKFIRI: Colonel Saed Jomaa, a leader of Army of […]

1 October 2013

TOTALLY TAKFIRI: Colonel Saed Jomaa, a leader of Army of Islam, the newly formed FSA-affiliated rebel coalition, says the Islamic State of Iraq and Sham’s “behavior is rejected – we see it as a takfiri group, unacceptable in Syrian society.”

In an interview with opposition channel Orient News on Monday, Colonel Jomaa, previously of the Saif al-Haq Brigade, said from Damascus that “in these circumstances, our first fight is against the regime. We have no time for this nonsense of being at war with ISIS. But if it remains in this chaos in the future, maybe arms could be directed toward them.”

On Sunday, 43 rebel batallions and brigades, mostly from Outer Damascus province, announced their unification into the Army of Islam, under the command of Liwa al-Islam’s commander in outer Damascus, Zahran Aloush.

In addition to Liwa al-Islam, the most powerful rebel group in Outer Damascus, and Jomaa’s Liwa Saif al-Haq, additional brigades uniting to combat the fragmentation of the Free Syrian Army include Liwa al-Islam, Liwa Saif al Haq, Liwa Nesour al-Sham and Liwa Dira’a al-Ghouta, Liwa Bisha’er al-Nesour, Liwa Fatah al-Sham and the Southern Capital Brigades.

Colonel Jomaa added the Army of Islam will be based on Islamic ideology, will re-direct the revolution, will develop a regulatory framework and will allow a united revolutionary leadership to confront the regime.

Video courtesy of Orient News.

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