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Art project preserves memory of a father

A Syrian refugee student at a school in east Lebanon’s […]

12 May 2015

A Syrian refugee student at a school in east Lebanon’s Bekaa Valley honored the memory of his father, believed to have been killed under torture by the Assad regime in Syria, by making a diorama of his father’s grave for a school art fair on Monday.

The exhibit depicts “a small graveyard for his father, some of his father’s friends, and activists from the city of Darayya, who died under torture in regime cells,” said Amani Khalid, a Syrian refugee living in the Bekaa Valley who is friends with a photographer at the event, told Syria Direct on Tuesday.

Of the child who created the exhibit, Amani Khalid said “the regime has deprived him from the most basic of his rights; this is the situation of most of Syria’s children.”

The Violations Documentation Center in Syria cites more than 61,000 documented cases of arbitrary arrests committed by regime security forces since March 2011 in addition to 2,413 cases of missing people in a report released on Monday.

-Photo courtesy of Ghaloush

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