At Risk Halfaya’s Mosque Hit 5-17-13

May 17, 2013

HILFAYA UNDER SIEGE: The citizen journalist filming claims that the Syrian Air Force targeted the town’s Grand Mosque on Thursday. Amer Sabri, a citizen journalist from Hama province, told SAS News that regime forces closed all roads to the town, so that citizens had to flee on primitive boats across the Orontes. The town of Hilfaya, 25km northwest of Hama, has been under intense bombarded by government forces for nearly a week. Activists claim a massacre is in the works.  

Syria watchers may recall the town as the site of the December 23, 2012 “Bakery Massacre” which claimed nearly 70 victims and injured dozens. Most of the victims were women and children because the shelling hit a line of people waiting to buy bread. Video courtesy of LCFH.

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