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Barrel bombs leave Aleppans in rubble

CLINGING TO LIFE: The Syrian government’s ongoing campaign of barrel […]

4 February 2014

CLINGING TO LIFE: The Syrian government’s ongoing campaign of barrel bombing left behind massive destruction Monday in a number of Aleppo neighborhoods, including Tariq al-Bab.

“We’ve spent three hours lifting debris with no equipment to help us,” said one civilian working to pull his neighborhood’s wounded from beneath piles of rubble. “We rescued two children who are clinging to life, but there are still more trapped underneath,” he added.

For its part, state newspaper Tishreen announced that military operations in Aleppo had killed “numerous terrorists” and destroyed “heavy machine guns, in addition to the headquarters of sharia courts” in Aleppo.

The Aleppo Media Center warned of “widespread displacement of [Aleppo civilians] fleeing barrel bombs” Monday, adding that Aleppans were fleeing “to the Turkish-Syrian border, or to remote rural areas.” Others have fled to the western edge of the city, which remains under regime control.

Meanwhile, citizen journalist Mohammed Rafa al-Raya told Syria Direct that the Syrian government had renewed its barrel bomb campaign over Aleppo for a second time “because the international community had not held it to account.” 

Monday marked the fourth consecutive day that the Syrian regime has dropped barrel bombs from helicopters and planes over Aleppo.

“There are people who have spent three hours trapped under the rubble,” added the man in the video. “If they were clinging to life, they’ve died by now.” 

Video courtesy of the Aleppo Media Center.

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