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Barrel Bombs on a-Raqqa

August 1, 2013

BARREL BOMB AFTERMATH: A citizen journalist captures the scene minutes after barrel bombs were dropped earlier this week from regime helicopters on a residential neighborhood in A-Raqqa City, the capital of A-Raqqa province in Syria’s northeast.

The explosions “demolished residential buildings and a state of horror and fear are gripping people here,” said Mohammed al-Ibrahim, 25, a citizen journalist from A-Raqqa.

The province is the only one in Syria to be entirely under the control of rebels. Air attacks, including deadly barrel bombs, are frequent across the province while fighting continues between regime forces holed up in their Division 17 base and Islamist militias fighting them just outside the capital city. Electricity is sporadic in A-Raqqa City, now under the control of the FSA and Islamist allies, and public-sector salaries are no longer being paid by the government.  

Video courtesy of the Revolutionaries of Raqqa Media Center.

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