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Brig. Gen. Salim Idriss tells Al-Jazeera weapons are arriving

  WEAPONS FLOW: Brig. General Salim Idris tells Al-Jazeera on […]

21 June 2013


WEAPONS FLOW: Brig. General Salim Idris tells Al-Jazeera on Thursday that new armaments have arrived for the Free Army, but declines to say where they came from. “I apologize that I am not able to publicly mention the sources [of these armaments], but I want to thank every one of our friends and brothers who provided [weapons].

God willing, after the fall of the regime, we will thank them on your screens, on our screens in Damascus, on the screens of all who served the Syrian people.”

Idris cautioned that “I do not want my words to be understand as us having enough weapons.” The announcer then asks, “has the United States fulfilled its promises?”

Idris: “We are [still] waiting, and we urge them to hurry the arrival of weapons and ammunition to our Syrian brothers. There have been preliminary steps from the Americans and Europeans, and soon the weapons will be securely in the hands of the fighters. I encourage them to use these weapons with efficiency and competence to put an end to the regime.” Video courtesy of al-Jazeera Channel 

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