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July 2, 2013

AT THEIR DOORSTEP: This video shows an explosion at the State Security branch in the Kafr Sousseh area. The FSA’s Al-Sham Brigade released a statement shortly prior to the bombing claiming “a group of senior officers responsible for the Assad regime’s crimes have been targeted”.

The group said it would release names of its regime hit list in what it dubbed its’ “At Their Doorstep Campaign” in a future statement. No word of the attack has been broadcast in official media.

This attack is one of several claimed by the Al-Sham Brigade, which previously targeted the Al-Mazzeh Military Airport in Damascus on June 16. The group said its operation at Al-Mezze succeeded “with the cooperation of an honorable one,” implying assistance from someone inside the state security apparatus. In the June attack, a vehicle was fitted with explosives and detonated next to ammunition stores.

Video Courtesy of Liwaa alsham

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