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Car bomb in Homs targets schoolchildren amidst tight regime security

SHAKY HOMS: A car explosion in front of a school […]

1 October 2014


SHAKY HOMS: A car explosion in front of a school in the regime-controlled neighborhood of Akrama killed at least 20 people and injured 60 others on Wednesday, reported the pro-regime news agency National Defense of Homs.

Most of the victims were children, as the bomb went off when students were leaving from school.

No one has yet claimed responsibility for the attack.

At least one pro-regime supporter on social media laid the entirety of the blame for the attack on Al-Waer’s residents.

“Curse you [the rebels] in Al-Waer neighborhood who receive aid under the supervision of the governor and talk about a truce [while blowing up the school].”

Al-Waer is the last rebel-controlled district of Homs, where a truce signed two weeks ago between rebels and the regime appeared to be on shaky ground.

Al- Waer was heavily bombed by regime forces on Tuesday, a journalist in the district told Syria Direct on Wednesday, “striking fear into the hearts of Al-Waer residents that the regime will storm the neighborhood, especially after having removed many of the [rebel]m checkpoints around Waer as part of the agreement.”

-October 1, 2014

-Photo courtesy of National Defense of Homs.

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