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Child lone survivor in his family following Ghouta attack

CHILD WITNESS: A boy, who appears to be sitting in […]

22 August 2013

CHILD WITNESS: A boy, who appears to be sitting in some sort of makeshift hospital, describes how his entire family was killed early Wednesday morning on an attack in their home in the eastern suburbs of Damascus.

A transcript of the child’s account is here:

“First thing, my grandfather lives upstairs, and we were asleep. The aircraft hit us and the voices were very loud. We woke up all of us, my brother went upstairs to tell my grandpa to come downstairs to escape from the gunpowder and the shrapnel.

They came down and as my brother was coming down he smelled the gunpowder and started to feel pain in his stomach, he started to throw up and was about to die, he started to have difficulty in breathing and died. They smelled the gunpowder smell and laid down on the ground. My grandpa was sitting in front of us and suddenly he laid down and his head hit the ground and he died, his wife was near him and she rolled on the ground also and died, my siblings also died, I was sitting on the sofa away from them, I stayed there.

[Q: What did you do?] I do not know, I do not know what brought me here, [Q: You could not do anything?] I do not know [Q: Didn’t you scream?] I started crying, crying and crying, what brought me here, [Q: And you fainted and fell on the ground?] NO, I DID NOT, I did not, [Q: And now, where is your mom and dad?] They are dead.” Video Courtesy of c.m.o algota

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