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Children channel trauma through acting

May 5, 2015

Monday marked the final performance of a play in Amman, Jordan, in which Syrian children acted out the main roles in a story about displacement, love, and the brutality of war.

“We Came Out for Freedom” is intended to remind the world “of the tragic condition of the Syrian people,” and also serves as a cathartic form of therapy for the 29 child actors, seven of whom are amputees, Bayyan al-Adawi, assistant director, told Syria Direct Tuesday.

Children who have lived through the Syrian conflict often “become more violent, violence that manifests itself in school…just as they suffer from panic and psychological confusion,” al-Adawi said.

“Add to that the presence of introversion, a lack of desire to communicate with the outside world, and fear and terror from the smallest events.”

Syrian artist Jalal a-Taweel directed the play, which was organized by the Fariq Mulham non-profit organization.

Proceeds totaling $7,500 will go to the Razan Fund for Syrian children with cancer.

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