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‘Damascus and its countryside are at real war’

June 11, 2013 Sama Masoud, 37, is a Damascene opponent […]

11 June 2013

June 11, 2013

Sama Masoud, 37, is a Damascene opponent of the Syrian regime that lives near the site of Tuesday’s double bombing in the middle of the Syrian capital. She tells Hussam Hiwedy what people on the ground are saying about it.

Q: What are the details of the Marjeh Square explosion Tuesday morning?

A: It’s important to know the details of Marjeh Square: It’s a secure area. Vehicles can only access the circle, whereas people and permitted vehicles cannot go into the alleys without being frisked. There are security facilities there, and passengers can only cross after being searched.

The regime was stupid as they had their state-television camera set and zoomed in on the blast location before it happened. That’s what I’ve learned from someone who was there.

Corpses or their remains are still spread on the sidewalks, covered with newspapers. Most of the victims are the customers of the café [near the blast site].

Q: How accurate is the information about withdrawing the regime soldiers at from the Victoria checkpoint located close to the explosion?

A: The checkpoint was removed yesterday [Monday] afternoon. The regime does this before any explosion. The regime tries to sell its supporters the lie that they have memorized.

The road begins from May 29 Street towards al-Hijaz, and goes under Victoria Bridge. Some security officers remained in their cabin on the road. The concrete barriers are still there, so we don’t know if it was temporarily removed or permanently. This is the second checkpoint removed in the last couple of days, after Baramkeh checkpoint, near Mujtahed gas station, was removed.

Q: Are there any usual movements by the regime regarding deploying military forces in specific areas in Damascus?

A: There is nothing usual in Damascus and its countryside anymore. Damascus and its countryside are at real war.

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