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Damascus: Mid-day news update 4-26-13

The update from Damascus and its suburbs is provided by Shahed […]

26 April 2013

EyewitnessThe update from Damascus and its suburbs is provided by Shahed News, a network of vetted Syrian citizen journalists providing independent, accurate and reliable news from Damascus and its suburbs.


* Airstrikes on the districts of Qaboon and Jobar. [Regime] mortar and artillery bombardment on Jobar continue. The FSA destroyed a tank and wrecked another, as they regime attempted to invade the district from al-Abbasid Square.

* Clashes occur between the FSA and the army as the latter attempts to invade the district of Barzeh. The FSA has caused casualties among the army [soldiers]. The district has been bombed with mortars and surface-to-surface missiles.

* Car bomb explodes near Shmiedin Square but no casualties.

Outer Damascus:

* Heavy clashes between the FSA and regime forces on the Southern Highway.

* Two killed and a few were injured in airstrikes on the town of Ein Tarma.


* British PM David Cameron considers the evidence of chemical weapons use in Syria to be “extremely dangerous.” At the same time, the US, France and Israel consider chemical weapons use more probable, all of which motivated the UN to renew calling for Syria to allow an investigative committee to enter the country.

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