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Damascus: * Heavy rocket, tank and artillery bombardment on the […]

28 May 2013


* Heavy rocket, tank and artillery bombardment on the farms of Barzeh, as fierce clashes occur around the district. [Regime forces] renew attempts to invade the district from several points, including Tishreen Military Hospital, Kroum al-Jabal, the suburb of Harasta, the Military Police and Daher al-Mastah. The FSA fighters resisted these attempts. Eleven tanks in Harasta are reportedly prepared to invade the farms of Barzeh and Harasta. 

* Two mortars land on al-Abbasid Bus Station near al-Abbasid Square, injuring several civilians.

Outer Damascus:

* Heavy rocket bombardment on the road between Deir Asafeer and Hatitat a-Turkman, in addition to the farms in the area, killing 11, including 3 children.

* Renewed bombardment on al-Zabadani city, Jard Horaira, Efret town and Barada Valley this morning.

* Heavy rocket bombardment from Tal al-Kabosieh on Khan a-Sheeh. More than 40 rockets were fired within minutes.

* Heavy rocket and artillery bombardment on the cities of Zamalka, Harasta, Ayen Tarma and Moadamiyah.

* Fierce clashes between the FSA and regime forces backed by Hezbollah fighters occur on the western frontline of Darayya. The city was heavily bombed at the same time.

* Clashes between the FSA and the government army occur on the Southern Highway near Zamalka.

* Air Force bombing targets the towns of a-Nashabieh and al-Baharieh in Eastern Ghouta.

* Mortar bombardment targets the residential areas in Yalda Monday night.



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