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Damascus: * The Air Force targets the districts of Jobar […]

29 May 2013


* The Air Force targets the districts of Jobar and Qaboon, in addition to the Southern Highway.

* [The police] closed al-Thawra road and Victoria Bridge after a fire in an old building in Sarojah. The roads were reopened after the fire was contained. The causes of the fire are still unknown, but no injuries have been reported. [Security] arrested some of the passengers and asked others for IDs.

* Mortar and artillery bombardment on al-Yarmouk Camp.

* Fierce clashes between the FSA and regime forces on the western frontline of Barzeh downtown last night.

Outer Damascus:

* Regime forces target al-Hajarieh area and the municipality area in Duma with rockets.

* Warplanes carry out an airstrike on the city of Irbin, near the Southern Highway. The city of Harasta was targeted with rockets near the international highway.

* Regime forces covered by a large air force attempt to invade the town of Bait Sahem. Activists say that a large number of army soldiers have been killed near Andalusia project as clashes continue.

* Renewed bombardment on al-Zabadani city, as artillery based near Cain’s grave targets Jard Horaira.

* Mortar and artillery bombardment on the city of Yalda.

* Regiment 67 near the gate of the town of Hafer al-Foqa bombs Jarad Talfita. Plumes of smoke seen.

* Heavy bombardment on the town of Babbila results in several injuries. Clashes occur near the airport highway at the same time.

* Artillery bombardment targets al-Tal, after 4 shells landed on the city last night.

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