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Damascus: Mid-day news update 5-30-13

Damascus: * The Air Force carries out several airstrikes on […]

30 May 2013


* The Air Force carries out several airstrikes on Barzeh and the farms around it. The area was bombed with all types of weapons at the same time.

* Regime forces storm and search houses in Asad a-Deen St. in Roken a-Deen.

Outer Damascus:

* Regime forces carry out heavy bombardments on the city of Harasta, adopting a scorched-earth policy. The bombing resulted in huge destruction and fires, as more than 200 rockets and shells landed on the city in less than 4 hours.

* Fierce clashes in the town of Bait Sahem near Damascus Airport road and Andalusia Project, as the regime renews attempts to invade the town by bombing it with mortars and heavy artillery.

* Heavy artillery and rocket bombardment target the city of Duma since the early morning, and the numbers of deaths and injuries increase.

* The FSA invades the THAMICO factory after carrying out huge explosions, killing tens of regime forces, including officers in the town of Melayha. The Air Force [responds] by heavily bombing the area.

* Several injures in bombardment on the town of Jisreen in Eastern Ghouta.

* Rocket and heavy artillery bombardment on Darayya and Mouadamiyah.

* Clashes in Babbila between regime forces backed by Hezbollah fighters and the FSA, near Sidi Mikdad, under intense cover of the Air Force.

* The bombing on al-Zabadani continues; regime forces based near Cain’s grave target the town of Horaira in Barada Valley.


The mid-day news update is provided by Shahed News, a network of vetted Syrian citizen journalists providing independent, accurate and reliable news from Damascus and its suburbs.

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