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Damascus: Mid-day news update 6-25-2013

June 25, 2013


* Shells fall on Mughrabi Building in Al-Adawi, caused the building to collapse.
* Gunfire targets a passenger bus near Harasta; bus driver and some passengers injured.
* Security forces in Zahara area, arrests take place.
* Mortar shells fired from March 8 Complex in Zablatani targeting Jobar and Eastern Ghouta.
* Surface-to-surface missiles target Jobar.
* Violent shelling on Barzeh and violent clashes in the orchards around it.
* Regime bombs target Yarmouk Camp and Hajar al-Aswad.

Outer Damascus

* Air force MiG jets conduct two raids on East Ghouta cities.
* Artillery targets civilian residences in Yalda.
* Violent bombardments target Khan al-Shieh after air force raids.
* Artillery targets Moadamiya and Darayya.

EyewitnessThe mid-day news update is provided by Shahed News, a network of vetted Syrian citizen journalists providing independent, accurate and reliable news from Damascus and its suburbs.

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