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Daraa activists deliver education by the busload

NEXT STOP, LEARNING: Syrian activists in Daraa province are doing […]

17 November 2014


NEXT STOP, LEARNING: Syrian activists in Daraa province are doing their best to give children who have had their lives and schooling disrupted a second chance at childhood.

The organization, called Tejma Ghasan Zeytun, is made up of a group of local activists who have dedicated themselves to educating Syria’s youth in Daraa.

The group has already established a number of educational centers around Syria’s southernmost province. They provide activities and games to help children who have experienced trauma during the conflict, reported pro-opposition satellite channel Al-Aan News.

The group’s latest project involves a bus traveling around Daraa promoting education and children’s entertainment.

The organization released photographs of the brightly decorated bus on its social media pages Sunday. The sides are adorned with a number of well-known cartoon characters, such as Tom and Jerry and Mickey Mouse. Outside, a group of boys and girls play with balloons.

“The bus will visit different areas of Daraa province in order to sponsor some educational and recreational activities, as well as perform psycho-social support in addition to other lessons and trips,” says the description of the bus on the group’s Facebook page. 

The group has their work cut out for them, however. The conflicts in Syria and Iraq are affecting more than seven million children, UNCICEF said in a press release on Friday. 

-November 17, 2014

-Photo courtesy of Tejma Ghasan Zeytun.

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