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Daraa journalist: Car registration policy will ‘greatly limit’ assassinations

The Bureau of Transportation, in cooperation with the rebel Daraa […]

The Bureau of Transportation, in cooperation with the rebel Daraa Provincial Council and the Free Lawyers Union, announced Wednesday that it would begin to register all civilian and agricultural vehicles in the rebel-held parts of the southern province, according to a video posted to the Daraa Provincial Council’s Facebook page on Wednesday.

As part of the new policy, the bureau will assign a license plate number for every vehicle as well as a vehicle registration, Abu Ammar al-Hourani, a member of the executive office of the Daraa Provincial Council told Shaam News Network, adding that any owner of a vehicle registered with the regime can exchange their old license plates for the new ones.

The new car registration policy “complies” with civilians’ demands that the rebels take measures to stop the string of assassinations of FSA leaders and citizen journalists that have rocked the southern province in the past few months, Muhammad al-Hourani, an FSA-affiliated journalist in Daraa, told Syria Direct on Thursday.

“The majority of the assassinations were carried out with car bombs. The biggest suspects are groups loyal to the regime,” added al-Hourani.

The latest attack, carried out by unknown assailants, targeted an FSA commander’s car with an IED on Tuesday, killing the commander and three other soldiers, reported pro-opposition Syria Newsdesk Wednesday.

Activists and citizen journalists demonstrated last month in rebel-held neighborhoods of Daraa city, condemning these serial assassinations and calling on the rebel administration to adopt security measures such as setting up checkpoints between neighborhoods and banning tinted windows on vehicles.

“This step will greatly limit the phenomenon of assassinations,” said al-Hourani.

Photo courtesy of the Daraa Provincial Council

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