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Deadly airstrikes cause chaos in Douma

Two consecutive airstrikes by regime warplanes killed 10 civilians in […]

30 June 2015

Two consecutive airstrikes by regime warplanes killed 10 civilians in the East Ghouta city of Douma on Tuesday, the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights reported, with 60 others wounded, local activists say.  

The attack began with an initial air raid on the al-Hal central vegetable market, where civilians stocking up for the evening iftar meal to break the daily Ramadan fast were hit with two vacuum missiles, killing five people, Mahmoud Adam, the spokesman for the Civil Defense in the Damascus countryside told Syria Direct on Tuesday.

“Five minutes later as the civilians fled the raid to the sheep market one street away, a second strike with two vacuum missiles killed five others,” Adam said.

Images and videos posted online by opposition media and activists show swirling dust and scenes of destruction in the aftermath of the strikes on the city in rebel-controlled East Ghouta, encircled by the regime for more than two years.

In the aftermath of the attacks, civilians in the area used their cars in ad hoc rescue efforts due to a shortage of Civil Defense vehicles.

“A headless child was recovered from in front of his house, and his family has not been identified,” Adam said, adding that the attack “worsens the state of fear and panic in the area, leading the civilians to stay in their homes.”

Posts by the local Douma Coordination Committee on social media listed the names of a number of the victims of the airstrikes on Tuesday.

Following the attack, regime planes also struck the nearby town of Misraba on Tuesday, with no casualties reported, pro-opposition Shaam News Network noted.

Photo courtesy of Douma Coordination Committee

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