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Downed chopper in East Idlib 4-11-13

April 11, 2013

CHOPPER DOWN: A Syrian army helicopter is purportedly shot down on Thursday in east Idlib province. In this clip, Syrians on the ground say that the chopper, loaded up with wheels of Arabic bread, was headed to the besieged base of Wadi Dayf.

The Syrian regime regularly uses helicopters to drop supplies over the base, which has been targeted by rebels for the past 13 months and is located an estimated 500 meters off the Damascus-Aleppo highway. It was not immediately clear who downed the chopper. Four people were killed in the incident. If the rebels are able to capture the post at Wadi Dayf, it means they will be able to secure a ‘safe area’ in the north and focus on the regime’s bases farther south. Video courtesy of Ugarit News.

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