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Former Arab pop star brags about killing Hezbollah ‘pigs’

FADL SHAKER, FIGHTER: One of the Arab world’s most famous […]

26 June 2013

FADL SHAKER, FIGHTER: One of the Arab world’s most famous pop stars, Fadl Shaker, left the glitzy celebrity world last year and has since joined the hardline supporters of Sheikh Ahmed al-Aseer, the Sunni cleric who publicly called for jihad in Syria last month. In this video, filmed earlier this week,

Shaker tells the camera that “we took two animals we took from you yesterday, you dogs, you pigs, four pigs injured, two animals killed, 16 injured and God will for even more.” He is referring to Hezbollah fighters, but does not say where the fighting took place.

 A bearded man next to Shaker says: “We are the youth of Tripoli too, we are here, and from now on if anything happens to Sheikh Ahmad al-Aseer, or his supporters, or Fadel Shakir, aka Abu Mohammad, the response will be heard everywhere.”

On Sunday, soldiers from the Lebanese army went to arrest an armed supporter of Aseer in the southern city of Sidon. Asser’s partisans fired on the soldiers, and an hours-long gunbattle took place during which more than one dozen members of the Lebanese armed forces were killed. 

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