Hasakah suicide bomb ‘completely destroys’ hospital

June 24, 2015

The Islamic State carried out a three-pronged suicide operation Tuesday in the city of Al-Hasakah, targeting the Asayish (Kurdish police loyal to the PYD) as well as the National Defense Forces (shabiha) and an army base.

One of the bombings occurred near a children’s hospital, which was “completely destroyed,” Jumana, a college student in Hasakah city, tells Osama Abu Zeid.

Q. What was the impact of the bomb in the hospital area?

I didn’t see the victims, but the location was completely destroyed. Afterwards, all of the sick were transferred to the National Hospital. As for the [university’s] Faculty of Education overlooking the circle, part of it and the student dorms were heavily damaged.

Q. In terms of the last explosion, what did you see?

I saw the last explosion while I was passing by the area, which was totally demolished. The guard post was completely leveled and they had destroyed the textile factory and the SINALCO plant near the circle and there was a three- to four-meter hole in the ground. 

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