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Homs, a shell of its former self

April 5, 2013

April 5, 2013

By Ahmed Kwider

Despite the reality that most of the city of Homs has been reduced to rubble, as seen in this video clip from today, intense fighting for specific neighborhoods still under rebel control continues daily.

THE CITY THAT WAS: Take a tour of a Homs neighborhood. Video courtesy of the Sham News Network.

“The regime seems to be focusing on Homs,” said Muhammad Abo Al-Fida, 22, a spokesman for the Al-Khalidiya Media Office in Homs. “It uses a scorched-earth policy and is willing to sacrifice many fighters to gain control of land.”

The opposition LCC in Homs reports “heavy regime bombardment” on Friday as government forces attempt to recapture al-Khalidiya, a-Joura, Karabees and other neighborhoods.

“We’ll tell our grandchildren about a city that once was called Homs,” one Syrian activist from Homs said. “Now, it only exists in history.” 

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