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‘I have no idea where the regime’s air defenses are’

May 6, 2013 Israel is a “major player” in the […]

6 May 2013

May 6, 2013

Israel is a “major player” in the region, says a spokesman for the FSA’s Political Office of the Revolutionary Council in Outer Damascus province. While the debate inside Syria continues about whether Israel did the opposition a favor by allegedly bombing sites holding heavy, possibly chemical, weapons, what moderate opponents to Assad seem to agree on is the need to bring down the regime and focus on rebuilding, not starting wars with neighbors. The Council’s spokesman spoke with Ahmed Kwider via Skype to explain why so many Syrians believe the regime is collaborating with Israel.

Q: The Syrian opposition is demanding that the world and the international community move to stop the killing in Syria and rescue the Syrian people. Israel has targeted regime military locations. Is Israel excluded from the opposition’s plea for actions to help Syria?

A: Israel not out of the game. It’s involved in the regional equation. It influences what happens and is influenced by that too, as part of the region. It’s not a secret that [Israel] is a major player, especially given that it’s backed by the strongest player in the world.

Coordination between Israel and the opposition is unlikely to happen. Israel recognizes no line, and they pursue their goals without coordinating with anyone, even America.

The opposition has appealed to the international community to save the Syrian people from the sectarian regime and its massacres. They didn’t ask Israel in particular to bomb the regime’s sites. They appealed to the UN and the Friends of Syria. Israel was not included.

Q: The Syrian people used to criticize the regime for not fighting Israel. Will the transitional government of the Coalition declare war and escalate against Israel after they win the war on al-Assad regime?

A: The Syrian people are peaceful, which was why they tolerated the rule of al-Assad and his father for four decades, despite all the oppression on the [Syrian] majority. If Israel wanted true and real peace that grants people their rights and compensates those who’ve been harmed, we will be the first to support it. We don’t want to have war with anyone. Syrians of all religions and sects have always coexisted.

Q: Turkey occupies Syrian lands in Iskandaron. Would the opposition condemn Turkey if they attacked regime locations like they did with Israel?

A: This is an old assumption. The Syrian people are certain Turkey will not strike unless they get America’s approval. When that happens, the Syrian people will reconsider their position from the Friends of Syria who’ve let us down and allowed the regime to commit unbelievable massacres.

If Turkey decided to strike, that would be based on an international coalition that aims to spare the Syrian people. In this case the Syrian people and the opposition will understand. Their priority is to achieve freedom, justice and dignity. These are our demands. We first want to get rid of the al-Assad fascist regime.

Q: What was the Syrian Air Force doing in the last three days and during the Israeli attacks on Damascus?

A: Ask the CIA satellites and drones that fill the Syrian skies. I have no idea where the regime’s air defenses are. I can tell you they don’t have soldiers or officers handling air defense. They are [busy] fighting the people in guerrilla wars across the country. They’re fighting like gangs and outlaws. They’re carrying out the same massacres and executions just like the rest of the regime’s army. They’ve left their posts to engage people on the streets.

Q: What do the Syrian people want from America at this stage?

A: We want honest and humane positions. At least we want them to be honest, and not to invest in the blood and the flesh of children to serve their interests. We ask the Americans, who are our friends? Are they the ones who are letting us be slaughtered, our women be raped, and children killed?

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