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IS instills its own curriculum in A-Raqqa schools

BACK TO SCHOOL: A group of schoolgirls in A-Raqqa pose […]

3 September 2014

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BACK TO SCHOOL: A group of schoolgirls in A-Raqqa pose in front of the black and white logo of the Islamic State holding a hand-written sign reading: “It has to get worse before it gets better, either the Caliphate will be or we will not.”

To the right of the picture, one girl clutches a black backpack with “The Islamic State” hand-written on the front of it.  

“[IS] issued a statement with many changes, cancellations and amendments to the school curriculum,” a Raqqa-based activist told Syria Direct Wednesday, “including the cancellation of school material about [Syrian] nationalism, Christianity and Islam as well as art, music and philosophy.”

In preparation for the new school year, the Islamic State has been rehabilitating a number of schools that were bombed or used for displaced Syrians in A-Raqqa province.

A-Raqqa has served as IS’s headquarters in Syria since they took over the city late last year. Last month they captured the Tabqa airport, the last remaining regime base in the northern province, solidifying control over the province.

– September 3, 2014

– Photo courtesy of Souriatna Press.

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