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IS targets regime gas facilities

February 25, 2015


POWER DYNAMICS: The Islamic State released photographs Wednesday purporting to show its fighters firing missiles into the state-run al-Furqlus Gas Company in East Homs.

The images  were part of a photo essay released by the Islamic State’s Homs Media Office, entitled, “Striking the Nusairis with Lava missiles.”

“I saw pillars of smoke following the blast on Tuesday after [IS] fired on east al-Furqlus,” Talal al-Rawishdi, a civilian living in al-Furqlus told Syria Direct.

Regime “artillery shells stationed on a mountain west of al-Furqlus targeted IS positions in the desert area east of the village.”

Pro-opposition Orient News reported on Wednesday that “IS targeted the headquarters of a gas company located in the village of al-Furqlus in East Homs province with five CS5 missiles.”

“Regime forces and members of the “Desert Hawk’ shabiha militia were stationed in the headquarters,” the report read. The number of casualties could not be confirmed. State media did not report the incident.

IS targeted the same headquarters on Dec. 29 of last year in a suicide car bomb attack that killed eight regime soldiers and caused material damage to the structure of the building, reported state-run SANA news agency.

IS regularly targets regime oil facilities in the East Homs countryside, in particular those located in and around the Shaer gas field.

-February 25

-Photo courtesy of Nasher

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