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Islamic State displaces 15,000 in northern Aleppo

EVICTION NOTICE: The Islamic State on Friday declared 15 villages […]

12 October 2014


EVICTION NOTICE: The Islamic State on Friday declared 15 villages in northern Aleppo, near the contested city of Kobani and the IS-controlled city of Manbij, a “military zone” and forced approximately 15,000 residents to flee, citing ongoing military operations in the area, reported Dubai-based Al-An TV Saturday.

Here, a young boy from the village of Mazrat al-Quba loads his family’s belongings on a truck in preparation for their departure.

Though IS claims that the evacuation is due to nearby live fighting, media activist Muhammed al-Hadi, located in northern Aleppo city, told Syria Direct Sunday that the operation is one of revenge, seeing as “most of the villagers there [in the 15 villages], their sons are in Aleppo fighting with the FSA and the Islamic Front, and helped the FSA against IS.”

Pro-opposition network Syria Mubasher and Al-An TV confirmed al-Hadi’s assertions.

Most villagers have headed towards Aleppo province’s western countryside, and some to nearby villages populated by their relatives.

“Because they scattered in different directions, no one took interest in them or presented them aid,” said al-Hadi.

-October 12, 2014

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