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Islamic State estimated at 1km from Kobani despite coalition airstrikes

October 2, 2014 Islamic State (IS) fighters are approaching the […]

2 October 2014

October 2, 2014

Islamic State (IS) fighters are approaching the eastern flank of Kobani despite continued US-led coalition bombing on IS positions around the city Wednesday night and early Thursday morning, Mustafa al-Abdi, a Kurdish journalist present inside the city, tells Syria Direct’s Mohammed al-Haj Ali.

To drive the Islamic State back, al-Abdi says the coalition must immediately launch “strong, concentrated airstrikes on IS bases and on their heavy weaponry.”

Q: How is the morale of the Kurdish soldiers in Kobani? 

Morale is high, especially as the soldiers are well-trained, and capable, and convinced that they are fighting a war against terror on behalf of the world.

KobaniStreets As IS approaches, the streets of Kobani are empty. Photo courtesy of @RouckClif3. 

Q: Have the coalition airstrikes been effective in checking IS’s progress?

No, they haven’t—IS has continued to realize progress on the ground, and is still insistent on bombing the city.

Q: What do the Kurdish fighters in Kobani ask of the international coalition or the international community? More strikes, aid, weapons?

They want strong, concentrated airstrikes on IS bases and on their heavy weaponry, and they want to been supplied with anti-armor weapons, and medium weaponry.

Q: Did any Kurdish young men cross the Turkish border in order to help the soldiers in Kobani fight IS? How many?

Yes, around 600 fighters crossed the border and are in Kobani—but they came without weapons.

Q: Are there still civilians in Kobani?

Yes, there are some civilians but few. There are some families still living in the city, they won’t leave because they don’t know anyone on the other side of the [Turkish] border.

A few shops are still open—the city’s bakery is operational.

Q: Has any food or military aid entered Kobani, sent by the Turks or any other party?

Food aid has entered repeatedly…as for military aid, no, nothing.

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