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Jabhat a-Nusra sends reinforcements to ‘Triangle of Death’

TRIANGULATING: Jabhat a-Nusra sent in military reinforcements from the Daraa […]

9 March 2015


TRIANGULATING: Jabhat a-Nusra sent in military reinforcements from the Daraa countryside into the “Triangle of Death,” an area encompassing northern Daraa and Quneitra provinces and southern Outer Damascus province on Sunday, according to photos posted on the group’s official Twitter page on Sunday.

Reinforcements included hundreds of soldiers, dozens of ZSU–23–4 light armored anti-aircraft vehicles, and large numbers of SUVs, and soldier transport vehicles, reported the pro-opposition news outlet All4Syria on Sunday.

Intense fighting in the triangle between opposition forces and the regime, supported by Iranian Revolutionary Guards and Hezbollah fighters, has been ongoing since early February. 

In related news, the city of Sheikh Miskeen in north Daraa province, was targeted by regime air strikes and witnessed heavy clashes between Free Syrian Army (FSA) and Jabhat a-Nusra and regime forces on Monday, reported the pro-opposition Orient News.

Sheikh Miskeen, located along the Daraa–Damascus highway, was formerly a primary supply route for regime forces until it was captured by the rebels on January 25.

“Sheikh Miskeen witnessed heavy fighting between revolutionaries and the regime when the former blocked attempts by Hezbollah and Iranian Revolutionary Guards, supported by artillery from the Syrian army to advance into the area from several fronts,” Luka al-Za’abi, a spokesman for the Al-Ababil army, a unit with the FSA, told Syria Direct on Monday.

Pro-regime forces sought to advance from the Sheikh Miskeen–Gharfa front in the city’s southeast corner, however “rebels blocked their advance, leading to fighting with heavy artillery on the Liwa 15 front in the city’s north,” he added.

-March 9, 2015

-Photo courtesy of @JnDar3a_2

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