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Jaish al-Islam shoots for military targets in Latakia city, misses the mark

HIT AND MISS: Jaish al-Islam struck the coastal city of […]

26 January 2015


HIT AND MISS: Jaish al-Islam struck the coastal city of Latakia with three missiles Sunday, killing a total of two people and wounding eight, reported pro-opposition Akhbar al-Heffa.

The strikes in Latakia city were close to the military security branch building, “except that they missed and hit civilian targets and poor neighborhoods instead,” Saleem al-Amr, a journalist from the northern Latakia countryside, told Syria Direct Monday.

A soldier with the JAI Artillery and Missiles Battalion announced in a video statement that the attack was to target “security and shabiha headquarters” in Latakia.

The title of the video labels the attacks as a response to “Assad’s massacres in Ghouta,” referring to regime aerial escalation on the encircled Damascus suburbs last week.

“Jaish al-Islam should have consulted with local brigades in Latakia in order to determine the targets without mistakes occurring,” said al-Amr.

One of the missiles struck Harun Circle, while a second hit the al-Adkhar housing compound, reported pro-regime al-Latakia al-Aan.

-January 26, 2015

-Photo courtesy of Sahel News network

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