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Jarba visits Idlib as Hitto resigns post

July 8, 2013 By Syria Direct A few short hours […]

8 July 2013

July 8, 2013

By Syria Direct

A few short hours after newly elected Coalition president Ahmad Jarba met front line fighters in Idlib province alongside the FSA’s Chief of Staff Salim Idris, Temporary Government in Exile president Ghassan Hitto announced his refusal to name cabinet minsters and resigned just as the Syrian opposition appeared to be consolidating its position.

Hitto foreshadowed his resignation on Friday when he told Sky News Arabia that he did not think the FSA would sign off on the formation of Temporary Government.

Lack of coordination between the Coalition, the Free Army and the Temporary Syrian Government has plagued the opposition for months, jeopardizing its support inside the country and with western governments sympathetic to the cause of Assad’s ouster.

“Jabra’s chance of success rests on showing love for the nation and the revolution by actively and effectively halting the retreat of the brigades on many fronts, and addressing the humanitarian issue,” said Sawsan Haddad, a leader in the politically independent Local Councils of Syria.

“If he can push these two issues forward, even a small distance, it will be a means for success and for gaining support among the revolutionaries,” Haddad said.

Naqa Sadiq, member of the Syrian Women’s Coalition reiterated the theme that even the smallest of concrete achievements would bolster Jabra’s legitimacy inside the country.

“In order to prove his abilities and succeed he must rely on [those inside Syria], communicate with them, and satisfy their demands, because the Coalition has no value without the voice of those inside Syria,” said the 21 year old Aleppo resident.

A coalition statement said the forty-four year old Jarba visited Idlib, Mount Zaweeya and Kafr Nabil Monday and discussed the situation in besieged Homs with FSA fighters and residents of the towns in the rebel- held northern province.

“It is known to all that the revolution needs political and quality military aid, and maybe a fly zone, but this will neither be achieved with Jarba nor without him,” said Wahib Ayoub, a member of the Coalition of Secular and Democratic Syrians.

“It is solely in the hands of America and NATO,” he added.



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