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Kafr Nabl: The Syrian Revolution In 3 Minutes

HISTORY CONDENSED: This short produced by young people in Outer […]

22 September 2013

HISTORY CONDENSED: This short produced by young people in Outer Idlib’s Kafr Nabl village parodies the international community’s response to the regime’s violence against Syrians. Last October, The Syrian Air Force bombed this community, which joined the peaceful protest movement in the early days of the revolution.

According to one of the team members who participated in the production, political writer Ali Al-Amin Al-Sawid, the skit portrays “the civilized word’s objection to one kind of weapon but its encouragement of a criminal to use any thing else to kill his people, as Syria’s Arab brothers ignore what’s happening.”

The video was shot in the Roman ruins on the outskirts of the village, with demonstrators protesting in an imagined Stone Age language “to simplify the image for the world’s understanding,” according to Sawid.

Individuals wearing the regime’s flag attack demonstrators, and in a second wave assault them with the added assistance of an Iranian commander and Hezbollah foot soldiers.

A third protest is met with the government’s troops now joined by a man with a Russian flag attacking the demonstrators with chemical weapons. This time the American observer reprimands the perpetrators. At this point, the Russian comes and gives the chemical weapons to the American.

The protests then resume with US, UN and Arab spectators again quietly watching the continuous killing. The clip concludes with message that “death is death, regardless of the way it is administered. Assad killed 150 thousand people. Stop him.”

Video courtesy of Deen Houphman

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