Kfar Nobel’s Condolence Message to Boston 4-19-13

April 19, 2013

This video shows the Friday protest in the northern town of Kafar Nabel. Although the designated protest theme is  ‘Iran and Hezbollah will go down with the regime’, Kafar Nabel residents addressed the American people with condolences for the Boston Marathon bombing.   

On April 17, Syrian and fighters in Homs province activists held Lebanon responsible for Hezbollah’s attacks on al-Qusair. Iran and Hezbollah have been backing the Syrian government’s crackdown on the uprising since the very beginning. On February 27, Muhammad al-Ashmar, a citizen journalist and the spokesman of Nabid al-Asimat Dimashq in Damascus, told SAS News correspondent Ahmad Kwider that Hezbollah’s forces are present inside the capital. Video courtesy of Kafar Nabel News.

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