Lebanese Salafist leader joins Syria fight

May 1, 2013

SIMPLY SECTARIAN:  This footage aired by the Lebanese LBC captures Sheik Ahmad al-Assir, a key Sunni Salafist figure in Lebanon, with the Syrian rebels in Homs’ province’s al-Qusayr. Al-Assir has  supported the Syrian revolution since 2011, when he organized several pro-revolution rallies in Lebanon.

In his interview with LBC, he accused “Iran’s Party” [Hezbollah] of invading Sunni and Christian villages in Syria. He said his involvement in Syria came after two years of protests that no one listened to. “I saw the suffering myself, which was why I decided to take up arms and fight.” He accused Hezbollah of intervening in Syria from the beginning, and called for the Lebanese president and the head of the army to resign. “When the last [Hezbollah] fighter returns to Lebanon, we will issue a new fatwa that serves Lebanese interests.”

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