‘Let us gather all the bread, let’s build a country’

November 28, 2013

“STATE’S BREAD”: Damascus musicians Anas Maghrebi, Bashar Darwish, Muhammad Bazz, April Centrone and Hekmat Qassar started the acoustic/alternative music “Khebez Dawle” project in their Beirut exile earlier this year.

“You’re still alive even with the growing death toll,” runs the refrain in this track called “You’re still alive.” The lyrics are framed as a series of conversations beginning with two friends surprised in a chance encounter that they have survived the carnage of the Syrian revolution and civil war.

The “conversation” is joined by a bomb being dropped on the Syrian people as they apologize for what they are doing.

The name “State’s Bread” is derived from the loaves produced in Syria’s state-run bakeries.

“The bread that comes from the government is supposed to mean security, stability and living well,” said lead vocalist Maghrebi.

Khebez Dawle

Last December a Syrian air force attack on a bakery in Hama killed up to 200 civilians standing in line.

In its’ Facebook postings, “Khebez Dawle” uses the hopeful tagline “let us gather all the bread, let’s build a country.”

Video courtesy of Khebez Dawle.


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