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Mosque blast in blockaded Wadi Barada

WORSHIPERS TARGETED: Two car bombs exploded in Wadi Barada marketplace […]

27 October 2013

WORSHIPERS TARGETED: Two car bombs exploded in Wadi Barada marketplace Friday just as worshipers were leaving prayers at the adjacent Osama Bin Zaid Mosque.

The pro-rebel Alkalamon Media office claimed Sunday that  more  than 150 have died and over 200 wounded in Friday’s explosion.

State-run news agency SANA cast Friday’s attack as the work of rebels reporting that “terrorists and civilians” were killed in the blasts.

The town which lies 14km west of the capital was claimed by the FSA six months ago and now hosts about half million displaced people from all over Syria, mostly from Homs and eastern Ghouta.

Wadi Barada

Destroyed cars in Wadi Barada in Outer Damascus after the bombing of Osama Bin Zaid Mosque. Photo courtesy of al-Kalamon LCC 

Before the outbreak of the war the outer Damascus community was a popular destination for tourists who visited the site thought to be the burial place of the Biblical character Abel son of Adam.

“Syrian State TV was the first to announce the explosion mentioning in detail where it took place, while in that time Barada LCC itself did not know about it. This lead people and the FSA to believe that the regime is involved in this explosion,” said the 27-year-old FSA fighter, Jamal who witnessed the explosion.

“There are regime supporters in the city and they parked the cars in front of the Mosque. No one has claimed responsibility for the explosion yet,” said Jamal.

Wadi Barada has been blockaded by government forces for nearly a month and is among the Syrian cities where Assad troops prevents the distribution of food and other forms of humanitarian assistance.

The FSA fighter claims an additional vehicle filled with about 150 kilos of TNT explosions was discovered near the Saad al-Din Mosque in the al-Hamah district of Wadi Barada. A rebel team of explosives experts dismantled the device.

Video courtesy of Ahbab al-Rasoul Battalion

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