Mosques serve as makeshift schools in Aleppo

June 6, 2013

VOLUNTEER TEACHERS: The Nour al-Huda Academy in the city of Azaz, 40km northwest of Aleppo and just 5km from the Turkish border, has moved operations to the local mosque since schools are closed because of a lack of funding. Here, the children sit in a circle as a math teacher named Omar throws out math problems for them to solve. The pupils lack notebooks, books and writing instruments.

Omar tells the Azaz Media Center the “school” is open for two hours per day and has enrolled an estimated 250 boys and girls from the neighborhood. Classes are offered from first to sixth grade. He says teachers are working as volunteers, as there is no budget to pay them. “We have problems regarding the needs of the students such as stationery, teaching materials, and books, especially now that the families are poor and cannot provide these needs for their sons and daughters,” Omar said. Video Courtesy of Azaz Media Center

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