Syrian regime to grant cars to wounded soldiers

The Syrian government issued a decision on Tuesday to grant tax-free cars to military personnel who have suffered “disfiguring injuries” or lost limbs fighting “armed terrorist gangs or hostile elements,” state news agency SANA reported.

The cars will be almost completely free of cost, with recipients only required to pay for license plates.

The decision comes one week after Syrian president Bashar al-Assad increased the salaries of government workers by SP2,500 ($7.95) per month, and three months after a June decision to provide a monthly stipend of SP10,000 ($53) to regime soldiers fighting on front lines.

Opposition media sources are speculating that Tuesday’s decision is an attempt to raise the morale of the armed forces. 

Ghalia Muhkalalati

Ghalia Muhkhalalati holds a degree in computer science, where she attained the third highest grade in Syria for her year. She worked as a private teacher for displaced persons when the revolution began and arrived in Jordan in 2013.

Mateo Nelson

Mateo Nelson was a 2014-2015 fellow at the Center for Arabic Study Abroad program (CASA I) in Amman, Jordan. Mateo holds a BA in Near Eastern Studies from Princeton University, with a certificate in Arabic Language and Culture.