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On the Record: Mystery missile hits Latakia

May 26, 2015

A missile of unknown origin landed Monday in the coastal city of Latakia. Saleem al-Umar, a pro-opposition citizen journalist, talks to Syria Direct’s Noura al-Hourani about the circumstances of the incident and the most likely source of the missile.

Q: What was the source of these missiles? How many were there?

“There were three missiles whose source was the warships in the Latakia port. Two fell in the ocean and the third fell in the Martaqla residential area. It killed four people, three from a single family.”

Q: Some people have wondered if it was possible that the armed opposition launched the missile—what do you think?

“Opposition forces did not claim credit for the missile attack on the city. The missiles were maritime war missiles that the opposition does not own.

Therefore it’s most likely that the regime was the source of the missiles.”


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